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A Passionate, Dedicated Organization

At One Hundred Millionaires LLC, my focus and commitment is to provide rapid, quantifiable, and sustainable results.

About Me

At One Hundred Millionaires LLC, my focus is on providing high-speed, measurable, and sustainable results for sales and marketing professionals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a minimum of 100 new millionaires within 18 months who are committed to donating a portion of their income to charities and to positively influencing mankind.


Hi! I'm Bennie Wiley. I help sales and marketing professionals gain a significant increase of money into their bank account. By the grace of God, I will lead you to further success while helping the less fortunate. Our core industry is insurance and financial services. Please upload a copy of your Resume and contact me today for more details. This will ensure faster confirmation of our synergy.

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